Simba Empire

Why Polygon?

Why is the Simba Empire a distinguished Gamefi on the Polygon network?
Many NFT Games are building on the Polygon network, but Simba Empire is wholly different.

Highly strategic

Simba Empire is a strategic game requiring the computation of players to own premium NFTs with high value.
Each player with a specific budget can figure out their own card compounding strategy and make trading decisions with other players in the game to earn the most profit for themselves.
If the players can timely take opportunities, they can quickly increase their assets as many times as possible.

Many interesting features

Beyond compounding Simba cards to create premium Simba, the game also has many other exciting features such as:
  • PVP: allowing players to fight with each other and gain rewards.
  • NFT adventure: using NFTs for the Farming to have valuable tokens in the Simba Empire ecosystem.
  • Lottery: taking fortunes to gain rare NFTs from level 1 to 19.

The Fair

At this moment, Simba Empire is a unique game on the market being able to sell on the marketplaces and take the most Fair-Launch for the players. All NFTs belong to players and exist on the blockchain so nobody can interfere. The owners can decide on buying-selling and receiving-giving activities.
Players can add their NFTs assets on Metamask and transfer them within the Metamask wallets.

“Safe NFT”

To create a secure environment for the players, the game developer has created the “Safe NFT” notion, which means all in-game NFTs value is guaranteed.
In most of the previous NFTs game, if we posted to sell some NFTs but nobody bought it, that meant these NFTs were worthless. Meanwhile, in Simba Empire, you can sell NFTs to the store with a guaranteed value up to 40%-62%.
NFTs guaranteed value fund is donated from the money that people bought Simba at the early stage, and this fund is always there to ensure the valuable assets for players.
In some cases, if players feel bored and want to quit, they can liquidate NFTs Simba in the store. If not, they can continue playing and using NFTs Simba on profits activities such as PVP, Farming…

NFTs Simba is a real asset

Owning Simba NFTs is like holding digital assets.
All in-game features were programmed automatically, whilst in-game cash flow is continuously rotated creating an automatic game loop that helps to limit errors as well as the lack of transparent control in Simba Empire. The more players participate, the higher values increase in SIM tokens and NFTs.
The game developer team have locked their tokens in three years with a desire to build the Simba Empire successful and become a decentralized gaming ecosystem for all players around the world. Till then, NFTs held by the players will increase value in accordance with the game development.