Simba Empire

What is Simba Empire?

Simba Empire is an NFTs Game mainly deployed on the Polygon network following the NFT ERC 721 standard. You will own Simba NFTs under different levels and become stronger to govern the Simba Empire and affirm the dominance.

What is Simba Empire?

Simba is an NFTs game running on the Polygon network. It is a strong empire dominated by different Simba lions at different levels.
The story behind the game was inspired by the Lion King movie well-known in 1994. The main character is Simba who has to overcome many challenges to finally overthrow his uncle to take the throne and bring peace to the Kingdom. The emotional scenes throughout the movie have taken away tears from millions of viewers.
By joining Simba Empire, players will gain NFTs Simba as many as possible through farming or trading on Marketplace.
With Farming, the players can have tickets which can be used for exchanging NFTs Simba. After having NFTs Simba, the players can:
  • hold Simba for the potential of value growth;
  • merge NFTs Simba with each other to create the higher-level NFT Simba;
  • sell NFT Simba for the value security system;
  • sell NFT Simba to other players at higher value (perhaps they need it).

Background and Characters

Simba Empire has been built for decades. The most majestic and powerful Emperor will be the king of all territories, divided into many countries for the Kings and Viceroys to supervise.
Besides the Kings and Viceroys is the Grand Duke and the Prince. They help to supervise the Empire, operate the military, and put the country into operation according to the legal framework.
The lowest class in the Palace are Bishop, Knight, and Guardian, which have a role in protecting the Palace and the Empire.
There is a total of 6 classes and 19 levels attaching with each Simba to show their position in the society.
Every Simba is an NFTs owned by the players. Each of the Simba' s value will be proportional to the level and the amount that they possess.
As soon as more players join the game, the mechanics will increase the NFTs value. This is considered a massive opportunity for new players to earn and possess premium NFTs when the project is launched.
All NFTs can be traded with other players by OTC trade, Opensea, and the Marketplace of Simba Empire.
Simba Empire also generates many other activities such as PVP, PVE, Farming, NFTs Adventure, Simba Cards Merge… that can attract more players to earn money and escalate their assets.

Simba Farming

The Farming feature in Simba Empire allows the players to collect tickets when they provide liquidity.
Ticket is a gaming currency helping players buy NFT Simba in the stores and upgrade their Simba to higher levels.
The players can only use tickets to buy Simba from level 1 to 6. The other levels require them to use the Simba upgrading feature.

The “Safe NFT 721” standard

Simba Empire built the NFT721 standard based on the “Safe NFT” philosophy.
Safe NFT is the technology that helps to identify and digitize in-game characters and assets into a unique and special encrypted string. Then the system will store all data on the blockchain to be guaranteed.
Therefore, NFTs of the Simba Empire always have a significant value. The “Safe NFT” philosophy will allow users to sell their NFTs Simba to the available Liquidity.