Simba Empire

Simba Empire’ s Development Roadmap.

Simba Empire is a highly strategic game built on blockchain, which creates the “play-to-earn” ability for players. They require proper computation and strategies to earn money as much as possible.
Below is our development plan for the future. If anything happens relating to updating priorities, we will inform you all on media channels.
In the early stages, the players' mission will be collecting as many high-level NFTs as possible. When the game launches more settings in NFT Lottery, NFT Marketplace, Adventure, and Play To Earn, the players will have a big chance to make more profits than new entrants.

August 2021

  • Open Beta Test - allow players to play the Beta test version on Polygon Network.
  • IDO - start to distribute SIM tokens (whitelist will be randomly selected based on the total players of the beta test version).
  • Add & Lock Liquid Pool - we will add and lock liquidity on Sushiswap.
  • Launch Simba Empire - encourage the players to join the official version.
  • Coingecko Listing.

September 2021

  • Airdrop - continue to deploy several airdrop events aiming to encourage new players.
  • NFT Lottery - use tickets to buy lottery receiving random NFTs Simba from level 1 to 19.
  • Milestone: Simba Empire Bridge is live. Support Binance Smart Chain. New home gfor simbaers
  • Safe NFT & Marketplace - Safe NFT & Marketplace feature debut for players to trade with each other.

October 2021

In this month, Simba Empire will focus on NFT Adventure development.
This feature allows the players to use NFTs for Staking and randomly receive one of these things: SIM tokens, tickets, other tokens in the Simba Empire ecosystem or Simba Empire’s partner ecosystem.

November 2021

Simba Empire will begin to develop the “Play to Earn” feature in November. They will allow the users to join different activities to earn money in the game.
All ideas for this feature are kept secret for now.

December 2021

  • “Play to Earn” feature debut - the players start to perform activities to earn money in Simba Empire.
  • NFT wallet - the players can use the Metamask wallet to manage trading activities, give NFTs away on the main display of the wallet.

Q1 2022

  • PVP mode - launch PVP mode
  • NFT Wallet development - the players can utilize the Metamask wallet to manage trading activities, give NFTs away on the main display of the wallet.
  • More gamification features - add more features to spread out the usage of SIM tokens in the ecosystem.
  • Simba Empire GameFi ecosystem completion - build and develop Simba Empire into a decentralized minigame ecosystem.
Stay tuned to our communication channels for future exciting updates.