Simba Empire

Safe NFT Marketplace

Simba Empire applies the “Safe NFT” mechanism on Polygon
To create a secure environment for the players, the Simba Empire developer has created the “Safe NFT” notion, which means all in-game NFTs' value is guaranteed.

What is Simba’s “Safe NFT”?

In most of the previous NFTs game, if we posted to sell some NFTs but nobody bought it, that meant these NFTs were worthless. Meanwhile, in Simba Empire, you can sell NFTs to the store
NFTs guaranteed value fund is donated from the money that people bought Simba at the early stage, and this fund is always there to ensure the valuable assets for players.
In some cases, if players feel bored and want to quit, they can liquidate NFTs Simba in the store. If not, they can continue playing and using NFTs Simba on profits activities such as PVP, Farming…
However, Simba Empire still recommends the players to sell NFTs to other players for higher profits.

Higher NFT controllability

Comparing to the Axie Infinity, the animals in the game are not stored on the blockchain but rather sold in the NFT marketplace created by the Axie Infinity. Therefore, the users still face the risk of being blocked out when using multiple accounts on one device.
Simba Empire is fairer in every aspect. This is a unique game on the market where all NFTs are owned by the players and exist on the blockchain, so no one can interfere. The owners can decide on buying-selling and receiving-giving activities.
The players are allowed to hold their own assets. They can transfer NFTs to the Marketplace like Opensea for sale or to anyone. At the same time, the players can also add their NFTs assets on Metamask wallet and transfer them within the Metamask wallets.
The more players join, the higher values that the Simba NFTs increase to. This will significantly attract fresh players. If you own high-level Simba NFTs from the scratch, the value of these NFTs will sharply increase when the game has more players.