Simba Empire

Playing Simba Empire

The Simba Basic Strategy
The ultimate goal of playing Simba Empire is owning as many NFTs Simba with elevated level as possible. The more NFTs the players possess, the more money they can earn.
It requires us to upgrade from a lower level Simba to higher level Simba.

Classification and Stars ownership levels of Simba NFTs

Simba NFTs will be divided into 5 different types which depend on the vitality stats they possess:
  • Vitality ≤20 type: Teal
  • 20 < Vitality ≤40 type: Silver
  • 40 < Vitality ≤60 type: Burgundy
  • 60 < Vitality ≤80 type: Blond
  • Vitality >80 type: Purple

Simba’s star ownership

Simba can own 1 star, 2 stars or a maximum of 3 stars, which represent the Simba rarity in each level.
The Simba with 2 stars or 3 stars will increase the rate +3 level and +2 level when you upgrade Simba.

Rules of merging Simba cards

  • Players are required to have at least 2 cards to be able to merge for a new card.
  • Only the same Simba types can be merged with each other.
  • The total value of the cards must be higher than 70% of the next card created.
  • If the merger fails, one Simba card with the highest level in the merging process will be reduced by one level. For materials, Simba in level 1 will lose one Simba.
  • In each merging Simba, there are 4 scale squares: +3 level up, +2 level up, +1 level up and failure.
When upgrading Simba, players need to calculate to create a new higher-value Simba.
We can see that this is not only a strategic game, but it also comes along with a some luck. If the players can take the chance to +3 levels, the value of that Simba will significantly increase.

Choosing the merging method for cost optimism

For example, the player has a capital of 20 tickets corresponding to 20 Simba level 1, and we have the current value of 20 tickets.
Let's take the Simba’s in-store price as default to calculate profit and loss. The actual value of the merged Simba relies on the stats they possess and the price that the player sets when trading on the marketplace.
  • Simba level 1 price: 1 ticket
  • Simba level 2 price: 2.1 tickets
  • Simba level 3 price: 4.2 tickets
  • Simba level 4 price: 8.8 tickets
  • Simba level 5 price: 18.2 tickets
  • Simba level 6 price: 37.7 tickets

How to match two level 1 cards

The rate respectively is:
  • Up +3 level: 3.36%
  • Up +2 level: 11.2%
  • Up +1 level: 71.34%
  • Fail: 14.1%
After merging 3 level-1 cards, we will have a total of 6 merges and 2 Simba level 1 left.
Being seen that the rate of +2 level increases to 20%, and +3 level increases to 6%. We expect to combine more +3 level and +2 level cards to make the highest profit.
As usual, you merge into:
  • Four times +2 level
  • Two times +2 level
So the total value of Simba after the combination is: (4 x 2,1) + (2 x 4,2) + 2 (Simba level 1 left) = 18,8 tickets.
If you get one +3 levels during your merging of 3 cards, you will earn more profit.
Hence, you only lose if you merge over four times and just receive +1 level. In other cases, you will be from a draw to a profit. And the special point here is when you combine 3 cards, the rate for +3 level is higher. If you receive Simba +3 level with high stats, you can bring it to Marketplace for the auction.
Merging 3 cards, you will get the high rate of receiving +3 level and +2 level, this gameplay is suitable for players who love the spectacular and want to access higher Simba levels quickly.
Whether to choose to combine 2 or 3 cards is up to the players’ budget. If you have many tickets, you should choose to merge 3 cards. On the other hand, with a slower budget, you should choose to combine 2 cards.
For the following levels, the percentage of combining will be changed and fluctuated based on the Simba types. The players should research carefully to make decisions on card combination.