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How to Set up MetaMask for Polygon (Matic) Using QuickSwap

First, visit and connect your MetaMask wallet.
Click the “Connect to a wallet” button in the upper right corner of your screen.
Select MetaMask from the menu.
MetaMask will open, then click “Next”
Click “Connect”
Back on QuickSwap, in the upper right corner, select “Switch to Matic”.
Your MetaMask Wallet will open. Click “Switch Network”.
Congratulations! You are now connected to the Polygon (Matic) Network!

Transferring your assets from the Ethereum Mainchain to the Matic Mainnet

From here, moving funds from Ethereum to Matic is easier than ever!
Back on the QuickSwap Interface, just click “Bridge Assets” in the upper right corner.
If you are transferring Ethereum or ERC-20 assets, make sure you have the “PoS Bridge” selected as the transfer mode. Then, click “Transfer”. If you are transferring MATIC, you will need to select the Plasma Bridge instead. This process should be automatic, but it’s still good to know.
After you’ve clicked, “Bridge Assets” a new browser window will open. This is the Polygon (formerly known as Matic) Web Wallet v2:​
Connect your MetaMask Wallet by clicking the browser extension menu that looks like a puzzle piece in the top right corner of your tool bar. Then, select “MetaMask” from the drop down menu, and go through the normal confirmation steps.
Then, select “Move funds to Matic Mainnet” to begin your transfer.
Enter the amount you’d like the Transfer, and then click “Transfer”
This warning will come up. Check out what’s supported, then click “Continue”.
Click “Continue” again to complete your deposit.
Then, click “Continue” again to confirm your transfer.
Click “Continue” again, and your MetaMask wallet will open. Click “Confirm”.
You will see the following screen:
Wait for the transaction to process. Depending on network demand, this can take several minutes. You can track its progress if you like on Etherscan.
Once your transaction has completed, you will see this screen:
Next, open MetaMask, select “Matic Mainnet” from the drop down menu, and you’re ready to interact with layer 2!