Simba Empire

Setting up Polygon Network & buying SIM tokens on Quickswap

Simba Empire is NFT Game operating on the Polygon network, and you need to connect to Metamask with the Polygon network to participate. These step-by-step below help you to connect your Metamask with

Polygon RPC

If you have not set up Polygon before, you have to access custom RPC on Metamask and set up some specifications as:
Then save it.

Alternative RPC

If your Polygon transaction goes wrong, you can use one of the following alternative RPCs

Preparing $MATIC

You need to have $MATIC for:
  • Transaction fee on Polygon network
  • Investing in projects which were built on Polygon
The advantage of using the Polygon network is a cheap fee ($0.0003/transaction). Therefore, you do not need to have many MATIC for the transaction fee.
Meanwhile, if you want to prepare some money to buy other tokens, it depends on your budget and desire.
You can buy MATIC on these crypto exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, FTX, Kucoin,…
Be careful when you want to withdraw MATIC from trade exchanges; you need to choose Matic Network to use for Simba Empire.

Buying SIM tokens on Quickswap

Contract address:
☂️ Polygon Contract:
To buy tokens, you need to access: and enter above contract address.
When you have SIM tokens, you can conduct farming at the Farm feature in-game. We will have another tutorial on farming to receive tickets and using tickets to buy Simba NFTs.