Simba Empire

How to play?

Step 1: Connect Polygon (Matic) to Metamask

You need to download and install Metmask on your browser extention or phone.

Step 2: Buy $SIM on QuickSwap

Using the Polygon network should have MATIC for gas fees, when Swap you need to pay attention to the amount of MATIC in playing Simba Empire game.

Step 3: Buy NFT

Step 4: Upgrade NFT

Conditions to upgrade Simba NFT:
Must have at least 2 cards to upgrade. The value of the upgrade card must be 70% of the value of the next level Simba. Only Simba of the same type can be upgraded, and once the upgrade is successful, the type will not be changed.
Upgrading will give the ratio of Up 1 level, up 2 levels, up 3 levels and have the ability to get Simba with 2 stars, 3 stars (These are rare Simba with stronger fighting power than Simba 1 star).
When upgrading Simba you need to depend on your own strategy to find the cheapest way to upgrade, but still keep the goal of leveling up.
In addition, the upgrade can also be considered a lucky game that will receive more benefits, if you are lucky enough to receive Simba Up +3 levels, there will be a lot of value when going to fight monsters and bosses as well as sell Simba to other players.
When Simba is successfully upgraded, they will have battle stats for fighting monsters, the higher the battle stats, the more powerful monsters will be able to fight to receive many rewards.

Step 5: SIMBA fights monsters to get $SIM

Once you have Simba NFT, you can access the "Battle" section to fight monsters and receive the reward of SIM tokens (You can use SIM to buy Simba to continue playing or swap to USDT).

Battle Notes:

  • Each Simba only has 5 hits/day and the number of hits will automatically reset at 0:00 every day.
  • Each monster on the map can only be hit 1450 times/day (calculated on the total number of players), if the player who defeats the monster first will receive more rewards, the next player will receive less reward.
  • If Simba is of the same type as the Monster, it will gain 15% attack power while fighting, otherwise, if it is of the same type as the monster, it will reduce its combat strength by 15%.
  • When you win, you will receive a SIM token rewards, and if you lose, you will only lose your turn.
  • When you win, you will get 1 EXP (Experience Points), when you lose, you will be deducted 1 EXP, every 1 EXP will help increase the winning rate when fighting monsters by 0.1% (Maximum stacks up to 10% ).
  • Boss will be randomly appearing in the process of fighting monsters, if anyone is lucky to meet the boss, they will receive more rewards when they win.

Step 6: SIMBA fights BOSS monsters to get $SIM

Coming Soon