Simba Empire

Farming instruction to receive tickets, buy and upgrade Simba NFTs.

In the initial stages of the Simba Empire, to earn lasting profit, you need to own as many Simba NFTs as you can.
Simba NFTs are lions, including 19 levels, when they are level up, these NFTs will have a higher value.
There are three ways to own Simba NFTs:
  • Farming to receive tickets, use tickets to buy Simba NFTs.
  • Buy tickets from other players and use them to buy Simba NFTs.
  • Buy Simba NFTs from other players.
In these above ways, farming will help you to optimize your budget. The instruction below will guide you on how to do the farming.

Farming instruction

At the Simba Empire game display, there are a total of six pools with different APR allowing you to farm to receive tickets (Because you need to have tickets first to buy Simba NFTs).
Based on your demand, you have to choose one suitable pool to stake your assets into that pool and wait for receiving tickets. Here, we will select the first pool to stake SIM tokens.
When tickets are increasing, you can click on the “Harvest” button to receive tickets.

Pair-farming instruction

If you have other tokens as MATIC, USDT, ETH, BTC, you can combine them with SIM tokens to create LP tokens and farming in different pools.
Here, we will use MATIC and SIM to create an LP pair and farm in the SIM-MATIC pool. For ETH, BTC, USDT, you do the same.
To add the SIM-MATIC pair, you should follow the instructions below:
  • Step 1: Access to​
  • Step 2: Click on Add Liquidity
  • Step 3: Select MATIC (or USDT, ETH, BTC) and SIM token, then click “Supply”
  • Step 4: Access the game; you enter the amount of LP tokens to stake at the farm display.

The receiving rate of tickets for farming.

The tickets that players Harvest will be divided into four parts:
  • Players receive 50% tickets.
  • Dev team: 10% tickets, dev team not only develop the game but also join the game with players.
  • Affiliate: 5% tickets will be donated to the user who promoted the game to attract more players.
  • NFT lottery: 5% to build NFT lottery funds for rewarding NFTs Simba from level 1 to level 19.
  • Play to earn: 30% are in the funds for PVP activities and NFT farming.

Use tickets to buy Simba NFTs.

Players can use tickets to buy Simba from level 1 to level 6 in “Store” under the Simba Empire game display.
Each Simba is priced by tickets, you only need to click on your wished Simba and make the transaction.
Once done with the purchase, you can check and see all your Simbas in the Wallet tab under the game display.

Upgrade Simba to a higher level

At the game display, you click “View Details” on any of your Simba NFTs.
Next, you click on “Merge” to upgrade Simba.